03 Jul Our Amazing Experience – Ballarat Winterlude 2016

Last weekend the family and I packed our bag (with a two week old & a three year old) and visted the beautiful Ballarat for the Ballarat Winterlude event. It was beyond AMAZING! My three year old had the time of his life.

We checked into the amazing apartments called Twelve Errard. It was very family friendly, spacious, warm and cozy. It was only about 10 minutes away from all the main events.





Sovereign Hill had the amazing Christmas in July called ‘Winter Wonderlights’ with fake snow in the main street, as you can see my boy loved it!











The Ballarat Wildlife Park  – a great experience, feeding the Kangaroo’s and all of the wildlife made a great educational and memorable experience.







We ate our way through Ballarat and they have some amazing eats! Saltbush kitchen offered a menu full of Australian native flavors. YUM!






A huge popup  ice-skating ring with a baby penguin to glide you through the snow for balance which is great for beginners and amazing winter experience.




Our little blog getaway finished and travelling with a newborn and a busy toddler (we had a sneaky bed photo) while Indi was sleeping! This was our last night at Twelve Errard. Quinn looks a little tired too. We are battling the newborn waking the toddler stage. This was our last night in Ballarat. It was a memorable experience and I highly recommend it. SO much to see and do with only a small drive a few hours from Melbourne. If I didn’t have a 3 week old I would be back in a heartbeat and experience it all again! It was a truly amazing experience in which Quinn (my three year old boy still talks about).




The Ballarat Winterlude is from the 24th June – 24th July 2016. I highly reccomend you drive down for the day or stay a few nights and experience all of the events. It’s perfect for the busy toddler and a family getaway to keep the kids busy. You can view more through the Visit Ballarat website.


Rachael x

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20 Jun Fashionable Birth Announcement With Personalised Baby Wraps

I announced the birth and baby name (those first pictures in the hospital) with a gorgeous swaddle blanket from Signature Creations by Liz.  I custom chose how my wrap looked with a simple large and stretchy white wrap with black text which is perfect for the winter months.

You can custom make how you want it, including the text. I wanted to keep the colours neutral.

My family and friends thought I was very organised and loved the idea. The swaddle wrap is 100 percent organic cotton and stretchy for new mums who are amateur in swaddling (I put my hand up) I had to watch a few YouTube video’s.. I completely forgot.

The swaddle wrap looked gorgeous in my newborn photos of baby Indi Charlotte.





I am going to treasure this wrap and pictures forever.

Preview the whole collection.

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19 Jun Tiny Hearts & their life saving courses

I haven’t posted in a while, I am slowly getting back into posting on my website, and it has been a crazy year and a half. I am generally a private person (hard in the blogging world).


This isn’t a fashion post but something close to my heart, I thought I would share my experience with you.


I had no idea that  first aid courses existed specifically for newborn and infants or the importance of knowing how to save a tiny life.


A few things I have learnt being a mum of a very active toddler.


  1. You need eyes at the back of your head
  2. You can’t predict anything!
  3. Brace yourself for the craziest and most precious time of your life; I am jealous of anyone who has a mellow child/toddler. My boy is very active!


I attended the Tiny Hearts first aid course on the 5th June in preparation for my newborn and baby number 2.



Second pregnancy is harder with less rest and not as relaxing as the first. I have had many complications throughout pregnancy which hasn’t helped.  Hello anxiety! Thankfully the outcome of pregnancy was worth it. Here is a photo of my newest baby – Indi Charlotte.


Tiny hearts first aid was a great learning experience (I am still learning second time, always learning new things in parenting). I learnt SO much from this course. I feel confident to attempt to save any life – big or little as it does cover both adults and mostly children.


The Tiny Hearts first aid course was held at the Punt Hill South Yarra Grand. It was a comfortable venue with parking located next door and it was affordable considering it was a weekend rate.

Water and all the essentials were provided. Make sure you bring snacks/food to eat as there is plenty of information to get through and you get a quick 10 minute break. If you attend on the weekend not many places open for food.

It finishes at around 5:30 PM and travel time to get home leaves you starving!


It was a group of around 20 new mums and dads to be, grandparents, mums who have children with allergies or asthma or a pre-existing medical condition.


The course went for 3.5 hours with jam packed information on how to care in case of an emergency e.g. how to inject an epipen in case of an allergic reaction, how to treat a choking emergency, poisons information. CPR for pregnant women (different to normal), CPR for a newborn, child, adult. It covers the importance of DRSABCD (a medical term).

It pretty much covers everything you need in the unlikely case of an emergency for your newborn/Infant/child until a medical professional arrives.

This nationally recognised course could help you save lives. Unlike any other first aid course this does specialise in newborn/young children and providing you that extra information like febrile convulsions, falls, choking etc.


What prompted me to attend a first aid course?!


My son one year old and we were co-sleeping and he went to bed with a cold he caught from child care.

I can honestly say this night changed my life. I woke up in the middle of the night to Quinn having what’s called a ‘febrile convulsion’ due to sudden rise of temperature.

This was diagnosed by the Royal Children’s. I had no idea what this was.

In this case of an emergency I screamed for my husband to come upstairs as he was sleeping in a separate room. He knew the basics of first aid (luckily).

He placed him on his side and made sure he was breathing. I had so many emotions running through me.

I called the ambulance and it took what felt like forever… Over 20 minutes. I felt so helpless.

My baby boy was sick and lying on the floor.  He’s the closest to my heart. The Children’s Hospital was amazing, same as the paramedics. I am just thankful for a great outcome.


This prompted me to complete a first aid course so I’m prepared for any medical emergency for my child or save a life of a tiny heart in case of a medical emergency. Many other reasons such as how to treat a serious fall.


I would have said this course is not needed or dismissed this prior to my first pregnancy (because as a first time mum you have absolutely no idea what you are in for) let alone knowing how to change a diaper or tummy time!



Chatting to other mums in the course and getting some insight information they attended for many reasons.

Some have been gifted this course through their parents/baby shower gift.

They wanted to be prepared for their 2nd child because they have been caught off guard with an unfortunate experience like me.

New parents to be for the first time wanting to take extra precaution and be prepared.

You are never sure when you may need to use the skills you have learnt.


I learnt so much yesterday with Tiny Hearts and you can’t put a value on saving your child’s life.


My partner and I feel well educated. After the course we had a chat and we both agree that although it was $100 per person to attend a 3.5 hour course, it was worth the money as we are both prepared to save lives if it is ever needed. I highly recommend 3.5 hours of your precious time to complete this course.






If you wish to find out more you can visit  theTiny Hearts website.  Click here. Or follow their Instagram @tinyheartsfirstaid


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